After waiting for months, contractor receives payment from Petersburg

Posted at 8:35 PM, Jan 30, 2023

PETERSBURG, Va. -- After months of waiting on a callback and compensation for a job his business completed in August 2022, The City of Petersburg has paid James Fobbs in full.

In December, Fobbs reached out to CBS 6 after he said he installed signs for the Petersburg Transit Department but hadn't been paid or received a call back despite numerous attempts to get in contact with someone.

"That’s the most frustrating part when you don't get no communication. Getting rejected and not following up," Fobbs said.

After the story, aired Fobbs received a call from Deputy City Manager, Tangela Innis. She told Fobbs she had been out of the office for a while but first heard about the situation after it aired on CBS 6.

"She asked me to come down on a certain day," Fobbs said. "She heard what I had to say, I brought my paperwork. I laid out what had actually happened and she was kind of surprised."

Fobbs said following that meeting she reached saying he would soon be paid, but asked if he could slightly adjust three of the signs that were leaning.

"We went out there and fixed the signs with them going out there with us," Fobbs said. "She said once you send us the invoice, I will get with the accountant department and hopefully we will have it in the next cutting the check. But they actually gave it to me the next day," said Fobbs.

With all $37,000 now deposited, Fobbs said he’s glad everything is finally resolved despite all that’s happened.

"They just need to keep good communication, like I said before, Petersburg is a great place," Fobbs said.

As for him working with the City of Petersburg again, Fobbs said he will continue to work with Petersburg as prior to this incident there were no issues.

"Oh, I definitely would work with Petersburg. We have to just make sure everybody understands the beginning and the end of the process and this what we going to go forward with," he said.

Fobbs said that in every obstacle there’s a lesson to be learned.

"It's all in God’s timing and sometimes we will go through a situation and God will teach us how to be patient, how to make sure we do things thoroughly," Fobbs said. "These times are not bad times, it's just hard times learning to do things in a better way."

Fobbs said he's always eager to help other small businesses and later this year, Fobbs Quality Signs is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a business expo for any local business hoping to sell or network with other businesses.

You can find more information on their website.