Staff member, resident hurt at Bon Air Juvenile Correctional Center

Posted at 1:45 PM, Dec 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-13 10:25:25-05

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- A staff member and a resident at the Bon Air Juvenile Correctional Center (BAJCC) were injured when at least two residents attempted to assault a third resident, according to Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice spokesperson Melodie Martin.

Martin said the November 26 attempted assault took place on "a small unit that housed no more than 10 individuals." She added that it was "quickly resolved," but said a resident was treated on-site for minor injuries.

Martin also said a staff member was injured during the attempted assault and received medical care.

The CBS 6 Problem Solvers asked Martin how the employee was injured and what type of injury they sustained, but she declined to provide answers and said they did not want to jeopardize any potential recourse for any possible victims by commenting further.

"We are still in the process of investigating the incident and determining whether charges will be pursued," Martin said. "The Department of Juvenile Justice prioritizes the safety of everyone in our facility – including staff and residents – at all times. The agency is providing support to the injured employee."

The Problem Solvers also asked about the Department of Juvenile Justice's security staffing levels at BAJCC, but a spokesperson said the department chose not to release the information because it could jeopardize safety and security.

A recent report from the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission found Bon Air is not ideal for effective rehabilitation and is not meeting the needs of committed youth.

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