Cumberland residents worried about severe impact of proposed dump

Posted at 7:10 PM, Jun 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-12 19:10:57-04

CUMBERLAND, Va. -- Jacqueline James shudders at the thought of hundreds of landfill trucks driving past her mom`s Alder Lane home.

She`s used to her children playing out front of the house with no worries and fears the proposed Green Ridge Landfill will destroy their quality of life.

“Who can enjoy peaceful living with trucks going up and down the road?” James said. “We are talking about other people’s garbage from a 500-mile radius.”

James and other residents also worry about the negative impact on their property values.

“Our citizens have worked hard for what they have, the landfill hasn`t even been built yet and the property values have dropped, in some cases by half. How can that be fair to anyone?” James said.

Bill Bruce said many landowners felt left in the dark about the rezoning application filed by the County Waste of Virginia, which requested to build the facility just north of Route 60, between Routes 654 and 685. He said they will be affected in many ways, from noise to property values to environmental concerns.

“This is unheard of by the county,” Bruce said, and added that property values would drop by 80%.

He is also worried about the runoff into the wetlands and the animal population.

Board of Supervisors Chair Kevin Ingle wants citizens to know that it’s not a done deal, and that all concerns will be addressed.

“All concerns listed are going to be addressed and we are the board member representing the people of Cumberland County...whatever decision we make...will be going through the full process.

Ingle said the county notified adjoining property owners and have been as transparent as possible...

“We are going to do our best to make the best decision from all of the information put forth to us,” Ingle said.

The planning commission will hold a public hearing at the elementary school 6:30 p.m. on Thursday.

The vote could be continued until next Tuesday. From there it will go to Board of Supervisors, who are scheduled to vote on it June 28.

“I do not think that they will listen to us,” James said, but “we should keep pushing it.”

“If more individuals get involved, they will not have a choice,” she adde.d