Parents upset after kids find bullets on Hanover school bus

Posted at 6:30 PM, Nov 22, 2013

HANOVER COUNTY, Va. (WTVR) -- Some Hanover parents are upset and say they want to know why they were left in the dark about bullets found on a school bus twice this week.

Hanover investigators said a Cold Harbor Elementary student found the bullet on the floor of school bus 63 on Monday. The bullet was turned over to deputies who began investigating.

Then a second bullet was discovered  in a seat by the bus driver on Friday.

CONNECT: Would you expect your school to alert you if a bullet was found on your child’s school bus?

"It's a little scary. They should still let us know even if they are still investigating," Tiffany Rudacille said.

CBS 6 News questioned the school system about why it didn't notify parents after Monday's incident.

Linda Scarborough, a Hanover Public Schools spokesperson, told CBS 6 News earlier in the week they collaborated with investigators and determined there was no immediate threat -- and that no one was in danger -- so they did not send notices home to parents.

However, administrators drafted a letter to send parents after Friday's incident. It encouraged them to check their children's backpacks to make sure they don't bring restricted items to school.

Investigators said they think the bullets fell out of the coat of a student who is a hunter and emphasize they don't believe there was any malicious intent.

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