The mail problem that is leaving this Richmond mother and her disabled son stressed

Posted at 5:17 PM, Mar 24, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-24 17:46:56-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- Richmond resident Melissa Washington says she's lived in the same place for almost four years now.

But for the past two months, she's been missing mail that she knows is supposed to be delivered.

"I have bills coming in, I have checks coming in and any other thing else and they can't never find my mail," Washington said.

After weeks of the mail carrier telling her that she had no mail, Washington said she asked for her mail to instead be sent to the nearest post office.

"I been going up there for three weeks. Every time I go down there, they tell me I don't have no mail. But I know I have mail," Washington said.

She said this didn't fix the issue so she double-checked with all of her services to make sure they had the correct address.

"I asked them, have y'all been sending my bills? They said yes, we have. They said did you move or anything? I said no ma'am, no change of address," Washington said.

Washington said not getting her mail and not knowing why has caused her and her disabled son who she takes care of a lot of stress.

"Tried to talk to the supervisors and managers, no response," Washington said.

Forced to direct certain mail to a friend's house because she wasn't sure it would arrive if sent to her address, she reached out to the CBS 6 Problem Solvers, unsure of what to do to get her mail to her home.

"I had to send that to my friend's address because I didn't receive the letter so I got the letter in this mailbox yesterday. But, why is I'm getting my mail down there but can't get it here?"

Washington said she understands that things may be delayed because of staffing shortages, but she desperately needs the issue with her mail to be resolved as it's hindered her from paying bills and taking care of her family.

"I know people have sent the checks because they sent them out twice, but where are they at? That's basic needs right there."

CBS 6 reached out to USPS and has been in contact with a local representative who says they are looking into the matter.

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