How this gift from a dentist's office allowed this Richmond man to smile once again

Posted at 6:23 PM, Nov 21, 2022

RICHMOND, Va. -- Jarrett Kinney, who was blessed with a new set of dentures just in time for the holidays, said it's only possible thanks to the kind heart of a stranger.

In September, CBS 6 shared Kinney's story after he reached out, hoping to get help with his dentures. Kinney had all of his teeth removed by the Aspen Dental in Midlothian but said he received a pair of dentures that he couldn't use.

For months, Kinney said he was hiding, not wanting the world to know what he didn't have.

"I was quite down. I didn't have no teeth and I couldn't eat a lot of things. I was losing a lot more weight. It's hard to eat just certain things, a lot of things I like I couldn't eat until now," Kinney said.

After his story aired, Reynolds Family Dentistry reached out, hoping to lend a helping hand by giving Kinney a new set of dentures for free.

"They have done wonderful, they made me some dentures that work," Kinney said.

Limited to what he can eat because of his diabetes, Kinney said he couldn't be more grateful for their generosity.

"I feel normal again. Now, I'm gaining my weight back and that's good and I feel a lot better," Kinney said.

Now with a brand new smile, Kinney said he can show the world what he once hid and he couldn't be more thankful.

"It was just wonderful, everything worked out and I couldn't ask for no better," Kinney said.