Problem Solvers help Chesterfield family clear $6,000 in medical debt

Problem Solvers help family clear nearly $6,000 in medical debt
Posted at 11:29 PM, Nov 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-23 15:00:28-05

CHESTERFIELD COUNT, Va. -- The Problem Solvers and an anonymous CBS6 viewer help a Chesterfield family clear $6,000 in medical debt.

David Butler's eyes filled with tears when he learned that a stranger came forward to pay the final $1,000 of medical debt owed to an IV supply company.

CBS6 first shared the story of the Butler family in October when they reached an impasse with a medical provider tied to Karen Butler's 18th abdominal surgery.

A full year after the successful surgery, David received a large envelope of bills from KabaFusion, a home health company that provided nutritional IVs for Karen in February 2020.

Following CBS6's coverage of the Butler's months long efforts to reach a helpful representative at KabaFusion, the company eventually spoke to the family and offered to reduce the $6,000 charge to $1,000.

Despite the steep discount, it was still far more than the couple could afford with numerous other outstanding medical debts.

"I have a running account with VCU," said David in November. "I still have over $2,000 with them and then the physician bills. Those two are, they're getting down there."

As the Butlers prepared to send a minimum first of 24 payments to KabaFusion, the Problem Solvers looked for charities that might be able to help the family.

Then a viewer, who asked to remain anonymous, reached out to CBS6 and offered to pay the $1,000 balance due to KabaFusion. The viewer said she felt called by God to help the Butlers, partially in honor of her late parents.

The Butlers say this random act of kindness by a stranger is faith in action.

"To know that there are people out there that really truly care and that Jesus is living through them, it just really makes you have goosebumps and your heart smile and tears. Our gratitude is beyond compare," Karen said.

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