She met the Crime Insider in jail. She wanted to talk about missing Richmond woman Keeshae Jacobs.

Posted at 8:16 PM, Sep 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-29 22:14:34-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- It has been six years since Toni Jacobs last saw her daughter Keeshae.

Keeshae Jacobs was 21 years old when she disappeared in September 2016.

She'd visited a friend near Chimborazo Park in Church Hill and texted her mother that she made it safely and that she'd see her the next day. She did not.

The Church Hill home is the last place anyone saw Jacobs alive.

Now, after a series of Crime Insider: Reopen The Case reports, someone who lived in that home has come forward.

Dejanee Gee was serving time in Richmond jail on an attempted murder charge when she agreed to speak with CBS 6 Crime Insider Jon Burkett about Jacobs.

In 2017, Burkett learned about a person of interest in Jacobs' disappearance. At the time, Richmond Police asked that person's name not be made public due to their ongoing investigation.

"His name is Otis Tucker. He went by Omar," Toni Jacobs said. "My most concern at this point is him doing it to somebody else, or buy the time the Commonwealth's Attorney decides to press charges to do what they need to do, he's going to run and it's going to prolong the process. They should have locked them up or kept him in jail when they had him."

Tucker has been questioned by Richmond Police about Jacobs but never charged in connection to her disappearance.

He was arrested and served time for strangling another woman in the same Church Hill home. That woman has reached out to CBS 6 via Facebook.

"After he attacked me, we fist fought until he got me locked down into a position that I couldn't stop him from strangling me," she wrote. "When I woke up, I was tied up. About 30 minutes later, Keeshae showed up, but he sent her away."

She said she got away from Tucker after he drugged her.

"The only way I even got away was because I let him drugged me with Remeron, a psych medicine," she said. "I have a tolerance, so it took two hours. He untied me after drugging me [and] I got up [and] got dressed like it was nothing and he let me leave."

"I would probably say he is a predator," Richmond Police Det. Anthony Coates said.

Dejanee Gee is the person who invited Tucker to the Church Hill home. She brought him there to take care of her great-grandmother who lived at the house.

She said she agreed to speak with Burkett after seeing his reports.

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She said she met Tucker through her work and she'd hang out with Tucker and Keeshae Jacobs.

"I will say not even a week went past and I called the police and tried to get him removed from my great-grandma's house," Gee told Burkett in an interview from jail. "They basically was like, he's basically a resident and they couldn't remove him from the house. And I'm like, well, he hasn't been here. 30 days. He only paid $30 and I'm willing to give him his $30 back, because I don't feel safe with him in the house."

Gee agreed with Det. Coates' statement that Tucker was a predator.

"One hundred percent correct," she said. "It's crazy. You really don't know people until they show their true colors."

Gee has since been released from the Richmond Justice Center. The attempted murder charge she faced has been nolle prossed. The charge was not connected to Keeshae Jacobs' case.

Burkett said Gee opened up to him about the drug use that happened inside the Church Hill home. She said her great-grandmother refused to ask Tucker to leave, so eventually, Gee left the house.

Jacobs' mother said it's past time for the Richmond Commonwealth's Attorney's Office to charge Tucker with her daughter's disappearance.

"I know [Det. Coates] gave the information to the Commonwealth's Attorney and the Commonwealth's Attorney has had it since April," Jacobs said. "I've been calling and I've been calling and I've been calling and they keep telling me this is a process. What kind of process do you need? It's going on six years. September 26 it will be six years."

Anyone with information about Keeshae Jacobs was asked to the Richmond Police Department or 833-RTC-FNVA.