Richmond nurse disappeared after a rough week at work: 'Some things were wrong'

Posted at 10:54 AM, Dec 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-05 10:54:51-05

RICHMOND, Va. -- It was a hectic week at the hospital where Melanie Davis worked in late May 2016. Several people passed away at the hospital and it took a toll on the 51-year-old nurse's mental health.

"Some things were wrong at the hospital, a couple of patients died. I do think it was wearing on her because she checked herself into Tucker's Hospital. We didn't know where she was for about a week. Eventually, she gave one of the nurse's permission to call us. I guess in my mind, she was okay and she really wasn't," Melanie's older sister Clarice Davis said.

Richmond Police Detective Clarence Key told Crime Insider Jon Burkett and the Reopen the Case Foundation that Davis possibly got into a light-colored sedan with someone. She left her wallet, keys, credit cards, and other personal belongings behind.

"She was last seen leaving a home on the Northside of Richmond. It was on Woodrow Avenue. Other than that, there are no strong leads in this case," Key said.

Davis was described by her sister as the life of the party.

"She was so full of life when she came into the house laughing and joking and dancing, it filled the whole house," she said. "When Detective Key first talked to me, it was like I don't want to do this again. It tears me up. Then I got your text message. I thought, okay, this might be the time somebody will see something or know something and be in touch."

Davis said he hoped for closure.

"That's what I need, no matter what the outcome. We need closure. We need to put it to rest because until I hear anything, she's alive in my mind and in my heart. She's still out there," she said.

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Clarice said she's been living with six and a half years of guilt.

She and Melanie used to talk all the time on a bench in front of her Northside home and she just wishes she had taken more time to ask Melanie how she was doing.

Police are asking people to come forward with information in this case, especially if someone knows whose car Melanie got into the day she disappeared.

Detective Key is the lead investigator and can be reached at 804-646-5100, or tipsters can call 833-RTCFNVA or email information to More cases like Melanie's can be heard on the Reopen the Case Foundation Podcast, downloadable on all streaming platforms.

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