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🌀Tracking Isaias: How storm will affect Virginia

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Posted at 10:07 AM, Aug 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-01 19:18:11-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- Isaias tracked through the Bahamas Saturday afternoon and weakened into a tropical storm early Saturday evening. As it moves towards Florida, some restrengthening is possible.

Isaias will be along the Florida east coast on Sunday. The center of the storm could make a landfall near Port St. Lucie or Melbourne.

A hurricane warning is in effect for Florida's Atlantic coast for heavy rain, strong wind gusts and high surf.

Isaias is forecast to then move northeasterly, where it will be over the Atlantic waters off northeastern Florida and southeastern Georgia. This warm water could add some strength to the storm, but wind shear in the area may win out and weaken the storm.

The tropical storm is expected to make landfall Monday night between Myrtle Beach, SC and Wilmington, NC.

After that point, what is left of the storm will track northeasterly, possibly through central or southeastern Virginia on Tuesday.

There is still a wide spread in the range of computer models, so the forecast track is still far from certain.

As of now, it looks like the best chance for sustained winds of tropical storm force will stay near and just offshore the Mid Atlantic coast.

Wind gusts of 30-40 mph will be possible in central Virginia on Tuesday, with some higher gusts in southeast Virginia.

Rainfall intensity will increase during Tuesday, and amounts could exceed two inches in spots, especially across far eastern and southeastern Virginia.

The forecast track for Isaias will be updated quite a bit over the next few days. Any decent shift in the track farther west or east will impact the effects to the Commonwealth.

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