See the surprise that brought a big smile to this little girl's face

Posted at 8:59 PM, Sep 28, 2022
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COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. -- Chloe Ramey is living her best life. The four-year-old Colonial Heights girl has come a long way in her young life. Before Ramey was born, doctors told her mother to consider terminating her pregnancy over serious health concerns.

“The fact that she is four years old now is just mind-blowing," mother Kayla Ramey said.

Chloe Pink House 02.png

Ramey said in December 2017 her 20-week Ulta-Sound showed she had a low Amniotic Fluid.

"Doctors pretty much told me that I should terminate and that she probably wouldn't make it," Ramey said in a 2020 interview.

But Kayla and her husband Justin were determined to see the pregnancy through. Chloe was born in July 2018.

Born with failing kidneys and underdeveloped lungs, Chloe's first few years were spent with feeding tubes and dialysis.

But after she received a kidney transplant, the feeding tube was no longer needed.

Recently, the Make-A-Wish foundation made one of Chloe's dreams come true.

“She wished for a big pink house. She got her big pink house," Kayla said.

Chloe's family caught the surprise on video.

Chloe Ramey surprise.png

Kayla said while Chloe's health is better, it is far from perfect. The slightest sickness will cause Chloe to quickly lose weight.

"It takes so much for us to get back to where we are now," she said.

Despite some of their daily struggles, the Ramey family remains thankful for what they have.

“Justin and I are absolutely blessed for how far she has come and what she has been gifted," Kayla said.

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