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Richmond, Henrico Health Director: 'We have got to comply with social distancing'

Posted at 12:03 AM, Mar 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-28 00:04:04-04

RICHMOND, Va. - The Health Director for Henrico County and the city of Richmond updated the public after four COVID-19 deaths were reported at the Cantebury Rehabilitation Center in Henrico, and reiterated the importance of social distancing.

"There are now six confirmed healthcare workers as well," Dr. Avula said. "So the situation continues to be of great concern. We are doing everything we can do be beside the facility to help," Dr. Danny Avulo said.

Those who have tested positive have been isolated, but the center is in need of more nurses.

Meanwhile Dr. Avula said results from last week’s pop up COVID-19 testing in Henrico’s Dorey Park are back.

"We tested a total of 107 individuals and we got our last results this morning with a total of 8 positives out of that 107," Dr. Avula said.

No pop up tests are planned this weekend due to a lack of test kits, but Dr. Avula there could be other options.

“If there are more and more options in urgent care centers and primary care offices, there may not be another need for us to stand up another drive through testing event," Dr. Avula said.

Avula also said that Health Department is working with police, performing routine checks around the city to make sure businesses are following the social distancing rules.

"We will continue as a health department to put that messaging out to enforce where approve," Dr. Avula said.

"If this is spreading in our community and it’s having really severe impacts on our elderly individuals, then we have got to act differently. We really have got to comply with this social distancing mandate," Dr. Avula said.