What happened to Irvo Otieno? Full security video shows final moments.

Posted at 12:59 PM, Mar 21, 2023

DINWIDDIE COUNTY, Va. -- Security camera video that showed Irvo Otieno's final moments at Central State Hospital was released ahead of a Grand Jury hearing involving Henrico Sheriff's deputies and now former Central State workers charged in Otieno's death. Otieno's family had requested this video be released.

The 28-year-old Henrico man died at Central State Hospital, a state-run psychiatric hospital in Dinwiddie, Virginia, on March 6, 2023. Seven Henrico County Sheriff's deputies and three now former Central State employees were charged with second-degree murder in Otieno's in-custody death.

DETAILED TIMELINE: What we know about the events leading up to Irvo Otieno's death

The series of silent videos showed Otieno at Central State Hospital.

Below is a description of the released videos.

The times in the following log correspond with the timestamp (time of day) on March 6 video indicated.

(Note: CBS 6 added a blur onto the video once it appeared Otieno was pronounced deceased.)

Henrico jail hallway outside holding cell (camera pointed toward the door)

2:26:17 p.m. – Henrico County deputy looks in through the window on the door

2:26:49 p.m. – Otieno puts his hand on the window and appears to be talking, either to the deputies or himself

2:27:02 p.m. – Deputy opens the tray slot on the door, knocks on the window, then bends down to talk through the slot

2:27:13 p.m. – Otieno appears to jump up, or jump off something inside the cell

2:27:21 p.m. – Deputy hands Otieno a pair of pants through the slot, Otieno takes them, but then pushes them back out

2:27:53 p.m. – Otieno slams the door with the bottom of his fist

2:28:18 p.m. – Otieno tries to pull the tray slot door closed from the inside

2:28:30 p.m. – Otieno shoves out an orange food tray

2:28:36 p.m. – Deputies appear to grab Otieno's arm through the tray slot

2:30:11 p.m. – Deputy appears to shoot pepper spray through the tray slot

2:31:43 p.m. – It appears that six deputies enter the room, the last one holding a pair of pants, two deputies remain just outside

2:32:06 p.m. – Deputy braces his own arm on the wall, then appears to punch downwards

2:32:31 p.m. – Deputy appears to punch downwards again multiple times

2:37:42 p.m. – Deputy comes running down the hall with a white cloth/towel/bag that he hands to one of the deputies in cell

2:39:20 p.m. – Wheelchair with straps brought to cell, but never used (better seen from the camera pointing down the hall)

2:45:13 p.m. – Otieno is pulled/dragged/carried out of the cell

Henrico jail sally port video camera

2:45:32 p.m. – Otieno is seen being carried by deputies, they briefly put him down to pull up his pants and cover his lower half with a blanket, then take him and put him along the passenger side of a white van

2:50:35 p.m. – Deputies carry Otieno to the back of the van, appears they attempt for several minutes to try and get him in the van

2:54:55 p.m. – SUV pulls up next to the van

2:56:08 p.m. – Otieno is carried from the back of the van to the SUV, and put in the backseat, feet first, struggle for about a minute to get him all the way in

2:57:41 p.m. – Deputy seen rinsing his own eyes with water

3:10:17 p.m. – SUV carrying Otieno leaves Henrico jail with lights flashing, second SUV follows

Central State sally port camera (outside)

3:57:57 p.m. – Henrico Sheriff’s deputy SUVs arrive at Central State Hospital sally port entrance in Dinwiddie County, Va.

4:16:22 p.m. – Henrico deputies go to get Otieno out of the SUV and take him inside Central State Hospital

Central State sally port entrance camera (inside)

4:16:49 p.m. – Deputies are seen bringing Otieno inside Central State Hospital

Central State control center hallway camera

4:16:57 p.m. – Deputies are seen taking Otieno down a hall and turning right into a room

Central State admissions room camera

4:19:04 p.m. – Deputies bring Otieno into the admission suite, put him on the floor in front of a chair

Screenshot 2023-03-20 103158.png
Deputies bring Otieno into the Central State Hospital admission suite and put him on the floor in front of a chair.

4:20:55 p.m. – Otieno’s toes can be seen wiggling

4:25:08 p.m. – Deputies slide Otieno down so that he’s on the floor on his side

4:26:13 p.m. – Deputy motions for more people to help restrain Otieno

4:27:50 p.m. – More deputies and Central State employees move in and get on top of Otieno

Screenshot 2023-03-20 103241.png
Henrico Sheriff's deputies and Central State employees move in and get on top of Otieno.

4:31:20 p.m. – Otieno appears to try to get up, deputies struggle to keep him down

4:31:42 p.m. – Deputies try to move Otieno off his stomach and onto his back

4:35:20 p.m. – Otieno appears to struggle

4:39:13 p.m. – Deputy appears to check for a pulse in Otieno’s neck

4:39:50 p.m. – Otieno is rolled over onto his back/side and appears to be lifeless

4:40:49 p.m. – Central State employee appears to give Otieno an injection

4:42:28 p.m. – Chest compressions on Otieno begin

Screenshot 2023-03-20 103304.png
Chest compressions performed on Irvo Otieno

4:44:25 p.m. – Oxygen squeeze mask put on Otieno’s face

5:08:30 p.m. – Dinwiddie paramedics enter the room

5:18:53 p.m. – It appears an AutoPulse automated CPR machine is used to try to restart the heart

5:39:26 p.m. – It appears Otieno is pronounced dead around this time

5:48:35 p.m. – A sheet is placed over Otieno’s body

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