Veteran reunited with IED-sniffing dog that ‘kept him alive’

Posted at 2:38 PM, Aug 08, 2014
and last updated 2014-08-08 14:42:32-04

DENVER, Co. (KCNC) -- After more than a year apart, Marine Corps veteran Matt Foster waited anxiously to welcome home his military brother.

"Kept me alive, he's my best friend,” Foster said.

His best friend is a seven-year-old black lab named Mick.

"Mick come here buddy, hello boy, hi.”

Mick worked alongside Foster and his platoon for eight months in Afghanistan.

soldier and his dog

"I didn’t cuddle with any of my fellow Marines, I didn’t feed any of them either for the most part...but I’d say it’s about the same -- he's a brother"

His job was to sniff out improvised explosive devices or IEDS. Together Mick and Foster, a Colorado native, completed more than 180 successful patrols.

"They are putting their life on the line just as much as we are, and the sad truth is a lot of dogs die doing this and it’s because they are trying to protect us,” Foster said. “It’s just amazing what they do."

Now after four tours Mick has retired, with the help of the American Humane Association And Mission K9 Rescue, he was able to find his new home with an old friend.


"These guys, they are there in battle, getting them back is part of the healing process for the, it’s important,” said Kristen Maurer, with Mission K9 Rescue.

Foster after a nearly a year of trying was able to adopt Mick and officially him part of the family.

Now, there is one last mission.

"My next one is going to be to make sure he's spoiled,” said Foster with a smile.