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Luis Pedraza is giving away meals: 'God gave me this opportunity and I want to take it.'

Posted at 2:34 PM, Mar 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-19 14:34:58-04

PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY, Va. -- Hundreds of Prince George County families are being fed this, for free, thanks to the generosity of Luis Pedraza.

"This is something that I want to do in my heart and my family wants to do," Pedraza said. "Me and my wife were talking about how we can help some people that needed food, not just kids from the school, anybody."

The Pedraza family owns Morelia Mexican Restaurant on Courthouse Road.

On Wednesday, he worked with Prince George County School to offer families free meals.

"He wanted to be sure that families who were in need got what they needed." Prince George superintendent Dr. Lisa Pennycuff said.

That night Luis Pedraza and his staff served 300 meals to drive-up customers.

The scenario that will play out again Thursday night when Luca Italian Restaurant serves their spaghetti from Morelia.

"[If] more people need more food and we will have extra food," Luis said.

Pennycuff said the community is blessed to have people like Luis -- people who look after others.

"We care for each other, we share what we have, and when we see that our community members are in need, we step up to help," she said.

Luis said giving back was an easy decision.

"I came here with not even anything, so I feel like I want to do it," he said. "We've been blessed. I think the United States gave me the opportunity to be successful. You just have to work and I don't have a problem working. God gave me this opportunity and I want to take it."

Luis said he's been offered donations by individuals to help pay his costs, but he's turned them all down.

He said if an organizations wishes to donate, he'll sell them meals at cost, distribute the food, and give that organization all the credit.