Dinwiddie couple loves each other and the Kansas City Chiefs

Posted at 9:14 AM, Feb 04, 2021

DINWIDDIE COUNTY, Va. -- A Dinwiddie couple will watch the Super Bowl on CBS 6 on this Sunday with added interest.

For Jeff and Cathy Martin, football is a part of their life together.

"It's fun to love a team together, really fun," Cathy said.

Earlier in their relationship, Jeff rooted for Washington and Cathy supported Dallas.

But that, like many things in life, changed.

"Well, we moved to Kansas City, so we decided we wanted common ground, so we got season tickets to the Kansas City Chiefs," Jeff explained. "We chose that would be our team together."

While the Chiefs were not a Super Bowl-winning team in 2013, fan support was sky-high.

"On Friday, in Kansas City, they paint the sky red, planes fly over and let out red smoke, all over the city, the fountains turn red," Cathy explained. "It's an energy that you just cannot get away from."

The energy remained even when the couple moved back to Dinwiddie and peaked when the Chiefs made it to Super Bowl 54 in 2020.

"Both of us were like in tears, like yelling that they were going," Cathy, who was working in Germany when the Chiefs won the AFC title in 2020, said.

Cathy bought the couple Super Bowl tickets and they traveled to Miami to cheer on the Chiefs.

"When they won, it was both of us in tears," Cathy recalled.

"It's more confetti than you could ever imagine," Jeff added. "It's more fireworks, more lights, it's more than you could ever imagine, it doesn't do just on TV."

But TV is how the Martins will take in Super Bowl 55. The pandemic grounded these Chiefs fans.

"You've got to travel, you've got to stay in hotels, you've got to you know, do a lot of things in the middle of a pandemic," Cathy said.

The Martins hope the Chiefs' experience playing in last year's Super Bowl will help the team win back-to-back titles.

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