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1,000+ Hanover families hope to switch to in-person learning

Posted at 7:51 AM, Dec 09, 2020

HANOVER COUNTY, Va. -- Hanover County Public Schools has given families the option of in-person learning or virtual learning since September. County school leaders said more than 10,500 students have opted for in-person learning and nearly 6,000 are learning online.

The Hanover County School Board learned Tuesday night that 1,200 families want to switch from online to in-person learning.

Less than 200 families want to switch from in-person to online.

According to the Hanover County Public Schools COVID-19 dashboard, the county's school system has seen 135 COVID cases among employees and students.

The school system said it's confident in how face-to-face learning has worked, so far.

“We are seeing that our students, face to face, are having a little bit more success. We are honing in on our students who are on what’s called our DTFI list, our Ds, Fs, and incomplete in our high school and really having some consorting efforts to support those students who are online with that through their homeschool and our online staff," a county school official said.

Another big topic Tuesday was winter sports.

Dozens of students and parents spoke and said that they wanted winter sports to resume.

Right now, winter sports are on pause due to COVID cases rising in the county.

Hanover County school leaders said they hoped to have a final decision no later than December 18.