ReboundManaging the Pressure


Some simple ideas to help manage the pressure during sometimes unmanageable days

Posted at 5:30 PM, Jan 12, 2021

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Va. -- The COVID-19 pandemic and other current events have applied a lot of pressure on people.

For some, that pressure has led to uncharacteristic or even downright dangerous behavior.

As events unfolded along the Appomattox River Monday morning, first responders realized a young mother had walked into the 47-degree water with her infant son.

While the outcome saw first responders save the infant and mother, it again brought to light the mental health crisis many are facing.

“Depression, anxiety is everywhere, is everywhere. People have to recognize that," Dr. Thresa Simon with Poplar Springs Hospital said. “We are 10 months into this pandemic. Every one of us is struggling."

Simon said if you see someone struggling, it's important to reach out.

“The body language, the eating habits, sleeping habits, if you are a spouse, monitor all that," she said.

Sometimes though the signs are not crystal clear.

“When you have Diabetes or Hypertension, your blood pressure goes up, your blood sugar goes up. In Depression, you can’t see it. And they’re very subtle signs," she said. "Let’s say, you have a friend who calls you on a regular basis, doesn’t reach out to you. Wonder what’s happened to her, reach out, call and find out."

Simon said getting uninterrupted sleep can help your mental health, so can eating the right amount of foods and exercise.

"Be mindful, mindfulness is so crucial, mediation," she said.

Simon also suggested reducing the time you spend on social media.

"There are a lot of things not true and sometimes when you look up social media, there are things about you, that you don’t want to read and that takes you spiraling in a different turn," she said.

One simple thing Dr. Simon said we all can do, is to spend 10 minutes a day, just reflecting quietly.

If you feel like you need someone to talk with, call Poplar Springs Hospital at 866-546-2229.

Virginia Together: The Rebound Richmond campaign is here to help. Find information on who is hiring, investigations into unemployment payment issues, financial advice on making ends meet, and mental health advice on managing the pressures. These stories will be featured often on CBS 6 News and can be found by clicking this link.