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Caring for your loved ones during the pandemic

Advice for families who use an in-home care company
Posted at 6:45 PM, May 01, 2020

RICHMOND, Va. -- Many Americans are struggling to regain a sense of control amid our current health crisis. Caregivers face an even greater level of anxiety -- as they deal with their client or loved ones special needs.

Marques Jones, President of ComForCare of northwest Richmond, says social distancing is difficult during in-home care, which often requires close contact for things like feeding, bathing and grooming.

But he says the service is still necessary to keep those at high-risk out of the hospital.

Jones says you should speak with your care provider if you're concerned about how a caregiver is practicing safety.

He says you shouldn't be afraid to ask about safety protocols, if their employees are being screened, and if they have the proper amount of PPE.

“Make sure that the caregiver understands that if they are sick they should feel free to stay at home. Don't feel like they have to be there, because every family should have a backup plan in case that caregiver isn't able to come,” said Jones.

Jones says the backup plan could be a family member or another homecare company.

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