Capital One announces permanent move to hybrid work schedule

Posted at 12:57 PM, Jun 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-30 17:53:31-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- Capital One announced a permanent move to a hybrid work plan for their thousands of employees on Tuesday, including those in Richmond, thanks to the success of remote work during the pandemic.

Their offices will be open Tuesdays through Thursdays for those who want to utilize the hybrid schedule, while Mondays and Fridays will be virtual work days for all employees, according to the announcement.

They also won't require employees to come to the office a certain number of days, so that employees can balance collaboration with their individual flexibility.

"While a lack of barriers between work and life can be difficult to manage, most of our associates feel productive, effective, and engaged in a virtual work setting. In a recent survey, 96% of Capital One associates want to incorporate virtual work into their regular schedules," said Capital One CEO and Chairman Rich Fairbank in the announcement.

Fairbank said since they went virtual over a year ago, associates have adapted "strikingly well" and have continued to be highly effective in their work.

He added that virtual work has allowed employees to better balance the competing demands of work with their personal lives.

Fairbank also said they see how their office environment can benefit people as well, which is why they are choosing a hybrid approach.

Capital One had announced earlier this year the majority of their contact center and operations associates would continue to work-from-home.

Employees who want to work remote full time will have to get senior approval, the announcement said.

Their offices will fully reopen on Sept. 7, and they are encouraging all employees to get vaccinated and do their own research on vaccinations before returning.