How these Richmond brothers started a million-dollar tire business

Posted at 2:42 PM, Jun 22, 2022

RICHMOND, Va. -- Brothers Rashad and Kamard Johnson have their business rolling in Richmond.

GTT Commercial Tires sells tires to truckers and recently opened a second location in Petersburg.

The million-dollar business had humble beginnings.

"He literally started with seven used tires in his shed in his backyard. I'm not kidding," Kamard said about the business his brother started in 2016.

Our RVA tire store 07.png

Six years later, the Johnson brothers' Richmond headquarters is full of tires and fully staffed.

"Daily we do about 30 trucks, so on a weekly basis over 200," Kamard said. "The growth has been unreal. From six figures to seven figures year over year, and now we are on pace for eight figures."

The Johnsons said there was room for growth.

Our RVA tire store 04.png

"Seventy-two percent of the goods in America are moved on a tractor-trailer or some sort of commercial vehicle," Kamard said. "In order for them to roll, they need tires. Despite it being a plethora of tire stores there are still not enough to meet all of the needs that are there."

Kamard said watching the business grow has been a surreal experience.

"For us, two young brothers from an urban community with not a lot of role models if you will -- to not only, not take the entertainment or sports route and to actually get into business for ourselves and to be moderately successful in doing so, I feel like it really has opened our eyes and our perspective," he said.

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