Why this doctor encourages Richmonders to redefine entrepreneurship

Posted at 4:38 PM, Dec 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-16 10:55:02-05

RICHMOND, Va. -- He is on a mission to help Richmonders turn their pain into purpose.

Dr. Michael Time, the CEO of the Honor Loan Entrepreneur Program, left his medical career to help others.

"In my opinion entrepreneurship can be the great equalizer," he told program participants at a recent meeting. "No matter your education, your upbringing, your pasts, your mistakes, your ups, your downs."

Time is passionate about showing people how to transform their lives and turn pain into purpose.

"Life is an equal opportunity distributor of pain. Everyone experiences pain at some point in their life," he continued.

Dr. Michael Time 05.png

During a workshop at the McShin Foundation in Henrico, Time hoped people in the foundation's recovery program took his words to heart and shifted their perspectives.

"When people hear entrepreneurship they automatically assume we want everyone to start their own business," he said. "That may be a side effect of what we do, but our first goal is to teach the entrepreneurship mindset."

"In your worst times in adversity you can be your best because you are already at your lowest and you have nowhere to go, but up," one participant said.

"Today it felt amazing. It felt on point," added another.

Dr. Time travels to many organizations and corporations to share his holistic approach to entrepreneurship. He uses what life has taught him, to teach.

"I myself go through many ups and downs trying to bring this message to different audiences," he said.

Dr. Michael Time 06.png

Time left his career in the medical field where he served as a doctor and a pharmacist to pursue this life mission at his non-profit two years ago.

"You get to a place in life where you question if you are making the best use of your time. This is my calling," he said.

There are moments that remind him he's on the right track. Like the time he received a thank note from someone he said he was inspired to stay in recovery.

Dr. Michael Time 02.png

Changing direction in life can be difficult, but time says finding your purpose and walking in it makes the hard work worth the effort.

"The takeaway from today is persistence. Entrepreneurship is a journey. Life is a journey. The only secret is persistence," he said.

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