They turned their daughter's birthday into a day to give back to kids in need

Posted at 5:26 PM, Jan 05, 2023
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HANOVER COUNTY, Va. — Jordy Fox is a little girl with a really big heart. And she barely knows it.

“She loves girly things. She loves her shoes," said Jordy's mom, Dana. “She is so much fun. She is absolutely the light of my life.”

Dana said the two-year-old and her four older siblings are not wanting for anything.

“It is fun to have her. And her brothers absolutely adore her, as you can probably imagine," said Dana.

In November 2021, when Jordy turned one, her parents decided to take a different approach to celebrating.


“Well, for her first birthday last year I was trying to think of a way where people could enjoy her party, but not inundate her with so many presents," explained Dana.

Dana invited family and friends to buy gifts. But not for Jordy — for children in need.

“She has been blessed with many things over and over," said Dana.

The mother of five learned by watching CBS 6 that November is National Adoption Month.

The presents collected at the party would be donated to the Richmond-based UMFS in Jordy’s name. The nonprofit helps at-risk children.

Kate Ockerman, volunteer manager with UMFS, said Jordy’s guests donated goods that will improve the day-to-day lives of boys and girls including a teen mom.


“We have families in need of baby items, toys, birthday gifts, meals," said Kate. “It makes me feel amazing. It makes me feel great to know that the community once again is here for our kids at UMFS.”

“That is the best kind of instant gratification for me. She was able to use the items that Jordy donated so quickly, so I shared that with our group that they are making a difference," said Dana.

When Jordy turned two on Nov. 21, her family and friends delivered in a big way again.

“So this year we wanted to keep it going. Our guests were equally excited. They were like ‘what can we bring?’ I said, 'Well, it was the same need,’” said Dana.

Items collected at the party went beyond Barbie dolls.


"My children are blessed more than they can imagine right now at their age. Sharing that with them and understanding that the whole nature of why we are here is to help each other," said Dana.

Kate at UMFS applauded the Fox family, whose season of giving lasts all year long.

“I think it is a wonderful way to start a legacy of giving back supporting others, even in the smallest way," said Kate.

Dana Fox said her daughter’s birthday tradition comes with a valuable lesson.

“Create the ripple effect. Be kind. Give back always," said Dana.

It’s better to give than receive. An old adage for a young girl.


"I think it is important for me and my husband as parents have our children understand that giving back to others is the ultimate gift," said Dana.

Dana Fox said Jordy is becoming an inspiration too. Several of her family members and friends are introducing the birthday tradition at their own parties.

If you would like to learn more about the outstanding work done at UMFS or to donate you can reach the nonprofit click here.

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