Henrico teen helps fight coronavirus by feeding workers on the frontlines

13-year-old creates Grub4Scrubs nonprofit to feed healthcare workers
Posted at 12:19 PM, Apr 09, 2020

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- Whether the deed is big or small, Aradhyaa Mathur is always lending a hand. Like giving little sister, Krishnavi, reading lessons. But during quarantine, the Short Pump Middle School student is thinking beyond her living room walls.

The 13-year-old is doing her part to fight COVID-19.

Aradhyaa is concerned that doctors and nurses aren’t eating enough during their long shifts at the hospital.

“In my opinion they are working very hard,” said Aradhyaa. “It is rewarding because I’m giving something that they need.”

So, Aradhyaa is crowdfunding to fill empty stomachs.

“I came up with this idea two weeks ago,” said Aradhyaa. “I wanted to help them by providing meals to them.”

She founded Grub4Scrubs. Every penny raised is buying pizza for frontline workers caring for patients.

Aradhyaa’s father Muktak Mather knows firsthand just how far saucy sustenance goes.

“She has a compassionate and empathetic heart,” said Dr. Aradhyaa. “The entire family is extremely proud of her. She is doing tremendous work.”

Dr. Mather has been pulling 12 plus hour shifts at St. Mary’s Hospital.

“She said, ‘How can I help? I want to help.’ I think the best way to help is to get healthcare workers some hot, fresh delicious food because most of us survive on protein bars,” said Mather.


The pies are appreciated in more ways than one.

“I don’t make any money. 100% goes to the local businesses,” said Aradhyaa.

Aradhyaa is ordering meals from restaurants like Two Guys Pizza with Richmond roots. The extra dough will come in handy for owner Carl Runk.

“It’s fantastic. It’s unbelievably appreciated,” said Runk.“Here is a 13-year-old about what she can do to help out in the community. That is truly inspiring.”

Runk says every pie ordered is a lifeline for his eatery during these hard times.

“People like that who are out there whose focus is to help others survive. It’s humbling,” said Carl.

Grub4Scrubs a win win for everyone involved.

“Extremely proud. Extremely proud as a father. As a physician,” said Mather.

The doctor says his daughter shuns recognition in her mission that may last months.

“She just says this is my little contribution and this is what I can do and I will do that,” said Aradhyaa. “Until the COVID-19 has passed. Yeah.”

Aradhyaa Mather, a teenager making a difference in a time of need. No matter which way you slice it.

“I felt like I finally was able to do what I wanted from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Carl Runk at Two Guys Pizza is so inspired by Aradhyaa he usually offers two or three pies on every delivery.

If you would like to donate to Aradhyaa’s cause, click here.

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