Child mails cards to lonely veterans: 'I want them to know someone cares'

Posted at 10:44 AM, Jan 14, 2021

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, Va. -- While Christmas has come and gone, for Eden Pink tis the season of giving all year long.

The six-year-old Brunswick County girl is giving Hallmark a run for its money.

“Well, it all started when I was 5,” Eden said. “We send ones that were handmade and others that we didn’t have to make just sign. We have to put glue on, so it sticks nice and good.”

The first-grader is busy prepping for Valentine’s Day.

“A lot of my love goes into the cards I make,” said Eden. “It makes me happy to sign cards."

Eden Pink 03.jpg

These homemade cards aren’t just for family and friends, she is making them for veterans.

Eden has plenty of practice.

Last fall Eden and her grandmother Rachel embarked on a project to spread cheer one envelope at a time.

“I was filling out Christmas cards and she said I want to send a card to every veteran,” Rachel said. “I don’t know if we’ll get every veteran, but we’ll try.”

With the efficiency of a military operation, the dynamic duo started mailing cards across the country from The Veterans Home of California in Yountsville to the Illinois Veterans Home in LaSalle.

“Gran got the phone numbers to veterans hospitals,” Eden said. “Veterans homes and places that get no visitors or no cards.”

It pained the little girl to know aging veterans may spend the holidays alone.

“Some veterans don’t get no visitors,” she said.

When the project began over Christmas 2019, Eden sent 400 cards.

Eden Pink 05.jpg

This Christmas she sent more than 2,500.

The pair depends on donated cards and supplies. Postal workers in Alberta even paid the shipping costs.

“We are grateful. Very grateful,” Rachel said.

Rachel said veterans deserve love and attention no matter how big or small the gesture.

Eden is already receiving ‘thank you’ cards from grateful veterans.

“To know that this is a veteran sitting in a home and he doesn’t get cards or visitors that hurts. I think we can do better,” Rachel said.

“I want them to know that someone really cares for them,” Eden added.

Eden Pink 01.jpg

She is a little girl with a big heart learning to appreciate those who sacrificed so much.

With another holiday approaching, Eden Pink is seeing lots of Valentine's red.

“We’re going to keep on going,” Eden said. “We’re going to keep on making cards and I’m going to keep signing them.”

If you would like to donate unused Christmas cards or art supplies to Eden’s Card Project:

You can also send donations to her P.O. box:
Eden Pink
C/O Rachel Hall
PO BOX 512
Alberta, VA 23821

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