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Chesterfield nurse making masks as a 'thank you' to teachers

Posted at 12:18 PM, Aug 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-06 18:54:46-04

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- Tammy Clamann hasn’t seen her dining room table in months. The Chesterfield nurse promises it's under there somewhere.

At the beginning of the pandemic the urology nurse was furloughed. Tammy tried tackling home projects, but they took a backseat to something more important.

“Its endless at this point, but that is OK. I hope it is making a difference,” said Tammy.

Tammy hasn’t stopped making masks for complete strangers.

“Even though we don’t know them. That is OK,” she added.

Using the hands-on skill she learned from her grandmother, Tammy has been protecting the public from the pandemic.

“I’ve made them for nurses, I’ve made them for the rescue squad, police officers, neighbors, friends, family,” said Tammy.

The mother of two is expanding her operation. Her 3D printer is spitting out visors for face shields all free of charge.

“Over 800! I stopped counting,” said Tammy.

Donations and a hand from friends help fulfill the orders.

“I have friends that are cutting the elastic. I have friends that are cutting the nose bands,” said Tammy.

Tammy is now focusing on a segment of essential and vulnerable workers.

“Teachers need them now,” said Tammy.

Since offering, the 52-year-old has been flooded with requests from Chesterfield’s teachers.

Kelley Perrotte is thinking safety.

The teacher at Manchester High will be wearing Tammy’s creations when and if she returns to her classroom.

“Thank you, Tammy! I love it,” said Kelley. “This is awesome. Thank you. Thank you for your village mentality and parental support.”

Tammy has a soft spot for teachers.

Her 20-year-old son, Stefan, lives with autism.

“It is payback for us. Absolutely,” said Tammy.

But Stefan is flourishing because of educators like Kelley.

“He kind of bloomed. He bloomed. It was wonderful,” said Tammy.

The grateful mom says each mask is a cloth hug from ear to ear.

“Its just our way of saying ‘thanks’ because without these fantastic teachers our kids wouldn’t be where they are today,” said Tammy. “So we’re up to seven or eight pages of requests. We’re not stopping anytime soon.”

Tammy Clamann is a nurse who could teach a lesson in kindness.

“We’re in a good place. We’re in a good place,” said Tammy. “If we keep pulling together like this, we’ll be alright.”

Tammy requests a donation for Journey of Hope 4 Autism for each mask and shield she makes.

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