Story inspires Book Lady and Book Mom to deliver to neighborhoods in need

Posted at 9:10 AM, Oct 28, 2020

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- The Falling Creek Apartment complex is a long way from Kentucky. But something that happened in the 1930s in the Bluegrass State, inspired two local educators.

Meadowbrook High School librarian Kristen Thrower and Falling Creek Middle School reading specialist Lisa Signorelli read the story of Cussy Mary Bluet in a bookclub.

"This was inspired by the book 'The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek' who delivered books to people who live in the Kentucky Mountains," Thrower said. “They were unable to travel into town. This young single woman got on a mule and traveled and delivered these library books and it was so inspirational."

"As of today, I'm up to 350 books that I've delivered in my car," Signorelli said. “I really am the 'Book Lady of the Creek' because... no mule, but I've got my Highlander."

The two take books from donations, find them at places like Goodwill, and hand them out for free to students during these virtual school days.

"People are always like, there is a food desert," Signorelli said. “I said to Kristen, 'maybe we have a book desert?' I don't know if that's the catchy term, but for me, I know my kids can't all get to the library, so I don't mind delivering to them."

"We've had kids say their next dream is to get a bookcase," Thrower added. “There's no limit to what kids can take. And their smiles! it's like Christmas morning!"

This simple idea is expanding Signorelli's earlier bookmobiles and covers more territory.

The Book Lady at the Creek and the Book Mom at MBK travel every odd calendar school day to two neighborhoods and give books away.

The schedule is located on the Meadowbrook High School library website.

Delivering books, building literacy, and Building Better Minds.

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