How do you exercise your brain? This school says by learning to play the violin

Posted at 10:13 AM, May 23, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-23 12:36:13-04

RICHMOND, Va. — There are other subjects that students can prosper in if they take up learning how to play an instrument — such as math.

At St. Andrew's School in Richmond, they believe there is a longstanding equity gap in education in the United States and they believe every child deserves to have an exceptional education.

Part of that education involves the violin.

"All of our students learn how to play violin, K thru 5th grade," said music teacher, Maddison Erskine.

It's more than just learning to play. It's about getting smarter.

"Learning an instrument is like a big workout for your brain," explained Erskine. “You're constantly growing your brain."

According to research, learning music and playing an instrument can reinforce language skills, improve reading ability and strengthen memory and attention.

"I like seeing what I can do with it," said student, Zakia Hunter. “I like seeing how far I can go without messing up."

"We're building community, confidence, resilience, practicing a growth mindset when we're learning new songs," said Erskine. “And of course, having this joy of learning a new instrument."

Building a love of instruments... is Building Better Minds.

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