Smalltown PE teacher inspires students to think BIG

Posted at 11:14 AM, Sep 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-14 11:14:57-04

HANOVER COUNTY Va. — Rural Point Elementary School students are learning something pretty cool about their new PE teacher, Mr. J Keagy.

He’s pretty good on a bicycle.

"I did 1,200 miles up the east coast of Australia. Five summers ago, I biked across Europe. And this summer I got the opportunity to do that here in America," Keagy said.


J Keagy practices what he preaches. Physical activity can lead to healthy bodies, good mental health, and adventure.

"The kids have just been so excited. They've seen some of the media posts from the country. And so, some of them already know a little bit about my trip," he said.

Principal Brooke Andriliunas loves how Mr. Keagy has inspired the students.

"He's teaching us and helping us learn that it doesn't always have to be an active sport, but just being outside and being active," she said.

Besides the bike, Keagy has kayaked from Virginia to the Gulf of Mexico and skated on a longboard across thousands of miles in Australia.

Keagy kayak.jpg

"I would like to think that I try to inspire them to think outside the box of what is possible," he said. "If they really set their mind to something and commit to it and work at it, then they can achieve some really big goals."

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