Students capture Friday night lights in this TV production class

Posted at 11:19 AM, Nov 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-09 11:19:48-05

LOUISA, Va. — Welcome to the Jungle! Louisa County Friday night football brings lights, camera and action not just on the field — but on the “Jungle-Tron."

High School Senior Emily Gillespie is in charge during the biggest game of the year. It’s the homecoming game and the crowd is fired up!

But Emily is as cool as can be.

"I just like look at all the cameras and decide which one has the best shot of the play," explained Emily. “And whichever one has the best shot I put it up on program."

Emily is one of the students in the first year of the media production class taught by Mr. Ken Kilinski.

He knows a thing or two about TV production. He’s a former newsroom program director and production vet turned teacher.

“They learned wide shot, medium shot, tight shot, they learned the very first step of how to turn on a camera, how to put a camera on a tripod," said Kilinski. “They're learning every single competency that goes along with doing a video production."

During a game, there are cameras at both end zones, one up top and another roaming the sidelines. The production value rivals what you'd see at some college games.

Louisa Football Cams 1.jpg

"We all work these cameras. We basically shoot the game like it's live," described high school senior and camera operator, Clay Blue. “And then in the trailer, they run like replays and highlights, that kind of stuff and then on top of that we also do stuff."

"All of the students that are out here that work on this team are first year TV production students," said Kilinski. “The very first game we did, that was the first time they've ever touched cameras with any action happening."

First downs and first-year media production students.

They’re bringing the fun on Friday nights… and Building Better Minds.

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