Black history is brought to life with this school's 'living wax museum'

Posted at 7:13 AM, Mar 15, 2023
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LOUISA, Va. — Learning about Black history is more than a just one month of the year. It is a lifetime of learning about the achievements and contributions of African Americans.

The students at Moss-Nuckols Elementary School are excited to get into the gym on this particular day, because in there they'll see Michael Jordan, Barack Obama, baseball great Jackie Robinson and Tuskegee airmen — sort of.

And you can talk to the students portraying them, in costume, just by pressing a button at their feet.

I talked with “Ruby Ridges."

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"I love being the first African American to go to an all-white school” said the student. “I have four boys. I published my own book in 2002 called 'Through My Eyes'".

"We are celebrating Black History Month with our Living Wax Museum," explained teacher, Tiffany Pancham.

Students chose someone who inspired them. "Whether it be an interest or a sport they played. Or a movie they've seen or an actor they've seen on TV. That right there lets me know we're reaching them."

"There are some students who chose people that I have not even heard about, so I'm looking forward to going in there and pushing the button," said principal, Anita Roane. "They are learning that people of color, no matter what color they are, are special. And that they can learn to appreciate people for what they have inside."

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Another student said, "Hi. I'm Araminta Tubman. Now you probably know me as Harriet Tubman, but that was my mother's name. I was also known as the conductor of the Underground Railroad."

"It gives students more information about unfamiliar people or people that they didn't know about before," described Pancham. “Or things they may use all the time and didn't know who invented it."

One button at a time. They’re learning about Black History… while Building Better Minds.

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