This high school program is preparing future healthcare professionals

Posted at 6:54 AM, Mar 23, 2022

HANOVER, Va. — There are some real dummies in class full of super-smart students at Hanover High School.

“We use mannequins," said nurse and teacher, Jamiee Beadles. "We also have [fake] veins so we're able to stick these mannequins with IVs."

"It is the closest thing to real life that you're going to have as a high school student related to these fields," said Director of the Science Specialty Center Ben Sanders.

Caring hearts make good nurses. That’s why Natalie Lancaster took this class.

“I want to become a nurse because I enjoy being able to be that person for people," said Lancaster. “And be able to take care of them in a time when they're ill."

"They're able to leave high school with two national certifications," explained Beadles. “And that's amazing for them, because it helps them get into college and it lets them see firsthand how to work with a patient at the bedside."


Sanders said it’s an opportunity for students who either think or know that they want to be a part of the health science field.

"We have a nursing program which consists of nurse aide and patient care technician. We have an EMT program. We have a sports-medicine athletic trainer program. And we also have a pharmacy tech program."

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