How Deputy Hockman is making a difference in Louisa

Posted at 7:17 AM, Jun 08, 2022

LOUISA COUNTY, Va. -- When it comes to school safety, there is an ongoing discussion in this country about whether more school resources officers are needed or more resources devoted to positions like school counselors.

Louisa Sheriff's Deputy Chris Hockman is assigned to Jouett Elementary School.

While safety is a big part of his job, he views his role at the school and with the students as much more than being on patrol.

"It's fun," Hockman said. Not everybody gets paid to have fun."

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Principal Heather Spaid called Deputy Hockman friendly, kind, and hardworking.

"He's always the first one to push his sleeves up and get in the mix and help wherever he can," she said. "We have 573 students, 120 employees and he knows every single student and every person. He walks the perimeter daily, multiple times."

Hockman said as a father himself, he hoped his presence would bring some assurance to parents worried about their child's safety at school.

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"He's constantly looking for ways to make our building safe," Spaid said. "But his biggest asset as a police officer is that he builds lasting, relevant relationships with everyone he meets."

"I love the fact that they're going to leave here knowing that they can trust an officer when they see them on the street," Hockman said. "As they get older, I hope they can come up to me and say, 'Hey, do you remember me?' And I can be like, what's up?!"

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