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How group is giving women battling breast cancer chance to tackle their bucket list

Posted at 6:44 PM, Oct 10, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-12 11:03:38-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- Hope Pritchett cherishes family moments especially with grandson Hayden.

“I pray every day that I’m here for my grandson’s graduation,” Pritchett said.

But making new memories worries this Richmond native. Hope has been battling breast cancer since 1992. Last spring the cancer spread to her liver.

“So now the breast cancer is the bones and liver,” Pritchett  said. “With the liver cancer and no cure. Treatments don’t work. What do you do with the rest of your life.”

Doctors say the 68-year-old may have one year left. Despite the prognosis Hope is getting busy living.

“I’ve got my bucket list ready and I’m going to go for it. Because there is hope,” Pritchett  said.

That hope has been delivered by complete strangers.

“They brought more joy into my life than I ever thought I would have,” Pritchett said.

Susanne Mitten and Judy Jones with Pink and Pearls selected Pritchett as this year’s recipient of love and so much more. Pink and Pearls will pay her rent and lift other financial burdens so Pritchett can enjoy life.

“It makes us do what we do. We are driven by serving. By serving and helping that individual,” Mitten said.

Founded nine years ago, the non-profit raises money to help women battling breast cancer pay for school, a car and hot water for their home.

“For Hope specifically, we give her the opportunity to do the things she wants to do and to leave a memory with her son and grandson that is not a sick memory,” Mitten said.

Pritchett is planning a trip to Nashville, art class and a new dress. Living on a fixed income these wishes were out of reach -- until now.

“I felt like I have known them my whole life. They were just like the gift from God,” Pritchett said.

Mitten and Jones also provide prayers, hugs and a shoulder to lean on.

“You leave and know you’re going to touch someone’s life and its going to make a difference,” Jones said.

For Prichett, Pink and Pearls is providing new motivation.

“They really walked into my life when I needed someone to talk to,” says Hope.

“From what we saw three weeks ago to now is a completely different woman. A completely different woman,” Jones said.

Mitten and Jones are angels in pink improving Hope’s life one new memory at a time.

“I am ready to get going. I am ready. I’m not giving up. I have a lot of life left in me,” Prichett said.

Pink and Pearls is a 501-(C-3) Non-profit. They depend on donations and generous hands to help make this foundation successful.

If you would like to find out more about Pink and Pearls and help their cause: mittenr@comcast.net  You can reach Judy Jones at 804-690-5860 or Susanne Mitten at 804-405-3992.

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