Angel on wheels gives rides to elderly, veterans, homeless: ‘This is my purpose’

Posted at 6:00 PM, Jun 27, 2019
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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- Keeping up with Terri Sears is a fruitless endeavor. The Henrico woman is on the go most days. Terri owns Let’s Go Services which provides transportation for a range of clients.

“(I drive) 1500 miles a week. That is a lot of miles,” said Terri. “I love it. Love it. Can’t you tell? We’re so much more than just point A to B.”

From the elderly, veterans, the disabled and even the homeless.

“If you need to go here. That is where we go. We just go where we are needed,” said Terri.

On this day Maryetta Grabowski leaned on Terri for a ride to therapy.

“It’s just wonderful when you can call her and say ‘Can I get to the doctor,’” said Maryetta.

The Chesterfield woman who is completely blind has been relying on Terri for years.

“I am thrilled for it. Not just for me but for people like me,” Maryetta added.

Unlike other shuttle services, Terri’s client calls in the car are, well, on the house. Terri provides transportation for those who can’t afford a ride to the doctor for free.

“My heart tells me that this is the thing to do. I feel that this is my purpose,” said Terri.

Two years ago, the Dublin, Ireland native founded her non-profit after recognizing a need.

“It just broke my heart for these people,” said Terri.

Terri doesn’t just drop her clients off at their destination.

“So, we go. And we not only go, we stay with them,” said Terri.

Terri Sears

Terri’s Let’s Go services relies solely on donations from churches and individuals to fill up her gas tank.

Making ends meet and filling the tank from week to week can be stressful.

“The car is old. You hold your breath,” said Terri.

But the payoff is unparalleled.

“It’s more rewarding than you could put into words,” said Terri.

“When you have someone like Terri you can depend upon it is like family or a friend,” added Maryetta.

For Maryetta, Terri’s kindness and friendship is immeasurable.

Terri is setting her goals beyond Virginia. She wants to drive Let’s Go national.

“The first time you drive them they’re your client. The second time you drive them they’re your friend,” said Terri.

As long as there is a need she’ll keep driving.

“I want to continue till the Lord lets me,” said Terri.

Terri Sears an angel on wheels who provides people with more than just a lift.

“If you have made one person feel like they’ve mattered during the day then you’ve succeeded,” said Terri.

Terri Sears' van with nearly 300 thousand miles recently broke down which she can't afford to fix. So, Terri is relying on her 2002 Toyota Camry to shuttle her clients.

Terri is hoping an organization will want to sponsor her Let's Go non-profit so she can carry on her mission. If you would like to learn more about how to donate, click here.

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