Why students blocked their school doors so teachers could not get in

Posted at 5:00 AM, Jan 23, 2019

RICHMOND, Va. -- There was strange sight in the halls of Banner Christian School recently, and it was all because of a challenge from Dr. Tom Burkett, the Head of School.

Dr. Tom Burkett/Head of School

"If they could block a door with cans, then they would not allow the teacher to come to school that day," Dr. Tom Burkett said.

The students, from kindergarten all way to 12th grade, seem to like their teachers, so what gives; why block the doors?

Well, it was a combination of fun and service to the community. The collected cans went to feed the homeless and hungry families through Feedmore.

Burkett calculated the students would have to gather 3,100 cans to block all the doors.  He added an incentive to collect that many.

"Not very hard when we told them a day off from school”, laughed Burkett.

Yep, they added another day off for winter weather.  The students went above and beyond by collecting 3,700 cans of food.

Fun, helping a good cause and learning a lesson about helping others.  For a Christian-based school like this... that's good chemistry.

"It's an ownership piece.  They really believe that this is their school.  And we believe that education works better when the kids bought into the program," he said.

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