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Dr. Love is a physician who believes music is a prescription for the soul

Posted at 5:59 PM, Apr 12, 2018
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RICHMOND, Va. -- Finding sanctuary in music. Rodrick Love relishes his role as Gospel teacher at Mt. Vernon Baptist in Richmond. But the 52-year-old’s melodic tastes go well beyond the choir.

“I Graduated from Medical school in 1992,” he said.

Dr. Rodrick Love believes in the healing power of song.

“Even unconsciously I’m singing all of the time," said Dr. Love.

Dr. Rodrick Love

The perinatal physician with HCA cares for women with high risk pregnancies.

“That is the most gratifying thing, is when you helped someone with their bundle of joy," said Dr. Love.

With the stakes so high, Dr. Love delivers a dose of good cheer which includes singing and smiles.

“Music just brings everyone together and that is why I just love it," said Dr. Love.

It doesn’t matter the genre, Dr. Love sings with gusto.

Dr. Rodrick Love

“Commercial hooks, jazz, gospel, opera. Sometimes I get funny looks," explained Dr. Love with a laugh.

From Bugs Bunny to R&B from the 1970's.

“You remember that? You’d hear the radio guy. Coming up we have more from the Stylistics.”

Dr. Love also connects with patients on a higher level.

“We call it a little toe tapper. ‘Lord, I’m running. Trying to get 100. 99 and a half won’t do.”

New mom Tyrhem McGee says Dr. Love’s approach helped ease her anxieties before her triplets arrived in September.

Dr. Rodrick Love

“He was just a good personality. He was always laughing and smiling. He was always joking," said Tyrhem. "When I went in there he made me feel like, ‘It’s OK, you got this. Don’t worry about this. Everything is going to be fine.' That was his approach. Everything is going to be fine.”

On this day at Chippenham Hospital, Dr. Love carried a tune with no instrument.

Nurse Cathy Martin says her crooning colleague is like a walking jukebox.

“He is true to his name. Dr. Love. Everybody loves him," said Martin. “I hear giggles coming from different rooms constantly.”

“I don’t know. Sometimes I walk into the room and they’re like, ‘Whose this man thinking he can sing'" said Dr. Love.

Dr. Rodrick Love

Belting out tunes off key doesn’t concern this California native. What matters most? A healthy mother and child.

“It just gives me some reassurance to keep on going. Do the best you can do and in the end everything is going to be alright," said Dr. Love.

Dr. Rodrick Love is a physician who believes music is a prescription for the soul.

“A lot of people are worried about their pregnancies and babies. So much stress to go around. Any way we can lighten the day and add some brevity, I am all about that."

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