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Expert testifies local doctor was drug dealing opioids through offices

Posted at 2:04 PM, Aug 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-09 14:04:59-04

RICHMOND, Va. – On Wednesday, the jury heard testimony at the federal trial of a doctor, in support of the allegations his professional colleague was running a pill mill.

Dr. Clarence Scranage Jr. faces 19 counts connected to the pill mill scheme that prosecutors said allowed for thousands of dangerous and addictive drugs out on the streets.

The prosecution is trying to prove that Scranage worked with another man to recruit clients to write hundreds of prescriptions for oxycodone for people he never saw. The alleged patients would then be paid for use of their names and for filling the drugs.

Scranage, a medical professional, is representing himself.

Wednesday, the prosecution had an expert in medical pain management and legitimate and illegitimate prescriptions testify.

Dr. Gene Kennedy was tasked with going through Scranage's folders and evidence retrieved by the FBI to determine if prescriptions for oxycodone written by Scranage were legitimate.

In all instances involving the patients in the case, Dr. Kennedy said the prescriptions of oxycodone were not medically legitimate and the standard of care was below the minimum standard.

Dr. Kennedy testified that in many of the patient files there were no documentations of physical exams, consent forms, actual diagnosis, studies or urine samples.

In short, he said, there was no credible evidence of an actual patient-physician relationship.

In a few instances, Dr. Kennedy said Dr. Scranage's frequent prescriptions of 30mg oxycodone pills at such high number of oxycodone pills without any legitimate medical explanation "simple drug dealing."

The evidence portion of the trial should conclude Wednesday afternoon.

Scranage may testify before closing arguments are expected to begin Thursday morning.