Teenager saves mom who blacked out behind the wheel

Posted at 11:37 AM, Sep 01, 2016
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NEW KENT COUNTY, Va. -- For Stacy and her daughter Madison Simmons, July 30 started out as just a regular Saturday.

"Everything was perfect," Stacy said. "We got up. We had breakfast. We finally made it out of the house about 11:30 a.m."

The mother and daughter from New Kent were busy running errands, but at Audubon Drive in Henrico, life took a dramatic detour.

"We were turning on to Laburnum Avenue, we were taking a left and that is the last thing I remember," Stacy said.

Stacy blacked out behind the wheel.

"She just started having signs of a seizure when she started shaking and spitting up," daughter Madison said.

The family’s Ford F-150 plowed across the median.

"I went through the oncoming traffic," Stacy said.

The pickup truck careened out of control on Laburnum Avenue.

"She was sitting in the front like this and it looked like she had no life in her," Madison said. "I thought my mom actually died."

With her mother in distress, the 16-year-old girl did not freeze. In fact, she jumped into action from the backseat.

"I got up and went down to the floor board. I pressed the brake and then put [the truck] in park," Madison recalled.

Miraculously the truck did not hit any other vehicles as it came to rest near the tree-line.

Stacy and Madison Simmons

Stacy and Madison Simmons

"There is no way to describe it. She saved us all," Stacy said.

Good Samaritans stopped as Madison attempted CPR before first responders arrive.

"She took on a whole different responsibility when that happened," Stacy said. "As an adult you have to learn from her."

Stacy commended her daughter’s brave actions, but said she was not surprised. Madison has been overcoming obstacles since the day she was born. Madison has no hearing in her left ear and limited hearing in her right.

"I had to overcome my ear surgeries," Madison said.

Growing up Madison and her hearing aids were the frequent target of bullies.

Madison Simmons

"I guess I grew to the point where I’m stronger now and not worry about what people say about me," Madison said.

"She has a whole lot more time to do a whole lot more good," Stacy said.

Madison Simmons is a humble teen with a disability whose actions speak volumes.

"Just never let it hold you back because it's just one of your special unique things and you can prove to them that you can show everybody and you can prove that you’re like any other person," she said.

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