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Shockoe ‘Engine and Frame’ repair shop also revs up the DIY opportunity

Posted at 8:38 AM, May 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-27 08:38:24-04

RICHMOND, Va. — A local motorcycle enthusiast is bringing a DIY aesthetic to his new repair shop in Shockoe Valley.

Cory Manning, a certified Harley-Davidson mechanic, has opened Engine and Frame, a combination repair shop and community garage space at 1600 Valley Road.

The venture combines a for-profit repair shop with a community space for riders to work on their own bikes, with Manning offering advice and assistance as needed. The garage part of the shop operates as an incorporated nonprofit, called EnF Community Garage.

Manning opened the space in April with his wife, Heather Manning, who he met through riding motorcycles. He said the goal of Engine and Frame is to foster similar relationships while also sharing their knowledge – and tools – with other riders.

Cory Manning at Engine and Frame’s shop. Photos by Jonathan Spiers.

Cory Manning at Engine and Frame’s shop. Photos by Jonathan Spiers.

“I really do believe that motorcycles can form long-lasting, solid relationships,” he said, “whether it be friendships, romantic relationships, whatever. People can really bond over this idea of working on things together and building things together, especially if it’s two people that are really into the same kind of bike.”

Manning offers an hourly rate of $85 for his own services and $15 to those who want to work on their own bikes. He’s also planning to offer a yearly garage rate, the price of which is to be determined. He plans to offer workshops on a regular basis.

“The whole point is to teach people,” he said. “It’s also a necessary thing, I feel like, in a city like Richmond where everyone lives in apartments and things like that.

“When I built my first bike, I rented a very small garage in the Fan to do it, and I spent $120 a month and had one power outlet and no tools, no one there to answer any questions.”