‘I thought it was crazy’: Big rig filmed driving wrong way in Petersburg

Posted at 7:26 PM, Mar 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-14 19:26:10-04

PETERSBURG, Va. – A tractor-trailer was caught on camera going the wrong way down a one way street in Petersburg on Sunday.

Many city residents said that’s not an unusual sight; plenty of drivers have turned the wrong way onto Washington Street.

The tractor-trailer made its way to an on ramp to Interstate 95 and no one was injured, but it was cause for concern for drivers who saw it coming towards them.

"I thought it was crazy, I thought it was dangerous," says Mikey Fuller, a passenger in a car who grabbed his cellphone and snapped pictures of the truck.

"I am surprised, because I think someone with a professional and Commercial Driver’s License would possibly pay more attention to signs and try to obey the law," said Kimberly Ann Calos, who said the tractor-trailer drive past her.

A new sign was added

A new sign was added

Petersburg Police said they've written 34 wrong way driver tickets in the past three years, with 15 of them being written on east and west Washington Street.

CBS 6 took the information to the city, and Interim Public Works Director Daniel Harrison went out for a sight survey.

While there were no left turn and one-way signs present, Harrison said one more needed to be added.

"What drivers like to do, they like to look straight ahead and right and left, so if you put a sign straight ahead, it will focus them to no left turn".

Within an hour, a new one way street sign was added to try to stop drivers from turning left.

"We always can use more signage, but it is still going to be up to the driver to actually read the signs," says Danielle Fitz-Hugh who has also witnessed drivers going the wrong way on Washington and Wythe Streets.