Danny is now much weaker; another tropical system possible

Posted at 8:17 AM, Aug 23, 2015
and last updated 2015-08-23 08:42:12-04

Danny was a category three hurricane on Friday, but has greatly weakened over the past 48 hours.  As Danny encounters more dry air and wind shear, it will weaken more over the next couple of days.  The forecast track continues to move the storm westward over Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.  It should get downgraded to a tropical depression, and will then weaken to just an area of low pressure.  That low may track up towards the Bahamas by the end of the week.


There are more disturbances worth watching.  The first is off the east coast and just northwest of Bermuda.    This does not show much potential for development, and the forecast track takes it northward.


A tropical wave (# 3) off the west coast of Africa may develop slightly as it moves westward the next few days.

There is a stronger disturbance (# 2) in the eastern Atlantic, and this shows some decent signs of developing a bit more this week.  If it does become a tropical storm, it will be named Erika.  The forecast track is slightly northwestward of Danny's track.  Just like Danny, it may encounter dry air and wind shear as it gets into the western Atlantic.


Kilo is in the Pacific, southwest of Hawaii.  It should strengthen into a hurricane over the next few days, possibly a category two.  The forecast track will bend it northeastward.  Some of the computer guidance after this track period suggests the center will travel more northward, keeping the heaviest part of the storm west of the islands.


More details can be found in the CBS 6 Hurricane Tracker and the CBS 6 Weather Authority App.