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How these ‘Beach Boys’ are saving lives all over Central Virginia

Posted at 11:33 AM, May 28, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-28 18:31:04-04

POWHATAN COUNTY, Va. -- Greg Beach is living the dream. You can say coming to people’s aid is in the Firefighter/EMT’s DNA. Greg, a full-time Hopewell Firefighter, found his calling as a first responder, just like his two older brothers. Mark Beach serves as a Virginia State Trooper and Greg’s other brother, Jeff, fights fires for Henrico County.

Henrico firefighter Jeff Beach, Hopewell firefighter Greg Beach and Virginia State Trooper Mark Beach (PHOTO: Beach family photo)

Henrico Firefighter Jeff Beach, Hopewell Firefighter Greg Beach and Virginia State Trooper Mark Beach (PHOTO: Beach family photo)

"It has always been instilled in me that that you should help when people need help," Greg Beach said. "It is definitely a passion for all of us. There is so much I take away in my job. I enjoy my job every day."

The brothers credit their role models with paving their way. Mark, Jeff and Greg do not have to look far for inspiration, they just needed to peer across the dining room table. The boys' parents Lynne and Allen Beach, both EMT’s, have been volunteering for the Powhatan Rescue Squad for nearly 27 years.

Allen, Mark, Jeff and Greg Beach (PHOTO: Beach family photo)

Allen, Mark, Jeff and Greg Beach (PHOTO: Beach family photo)

All five Beaches volunteered for Powhatan at one time or another before the sons embarked on their professional careers.

"We love helping people. And I think we have passed that love of helping people on to our children," mother Lynne Beach said. "At first it is a hobby and then it became a passion and love."

Lynne Beach

Lynne Beach

Instead of climbing into a little deuce coupe, these Beach Boys cruise in vehicles with flashing lights and sirens. Lynne said she and her husband never demanded their boys follow in their footsteps.

"We never forced our children to do anything except homework," Lynne said.

"I’m proud of all three of my sons for all that they do," Allen added.

At their Beach, there is only one rule to follow: Help friends and strangers alike in a time of need.

"One thing with my family is that if you’re going to do something be good at it," Greg said. "Always strive to be better."

Especially if you’re going into the family business.

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