Anderson Cooper temporarily blinded on assignment

Posted at 7:32 PM, Dec 04, 2012
and last updated 2012-12-04 19:32:41-05

Hey, some people are blinded by the good looks of CNN anchor and reporter Anderson Cooper. Anderson revealed Tuesday that he went temporarily blind while on assignment.

On Anderson Cooper Live, he explained that went blind over the weekend while filming a story. He said that UVA and UVB rays bounced off water into his eyes as he was on the water for two hours, shooting a story.

He said “I wake up in the middle of the night and it feels like my eyes are on fire. It turns out I have sunburned my eyeballs and I go blind.”

At first he thought maybe it was just sand in his eye. But he went to the doctor. 

Cooper said he went blind for 36 hours. He posted a photo on Instagram that shows his eye covered in gauze after a visit to the doctor.

On the show he called up NBC’s chief medical editor, Dr. Nancy Snyderman (not Sanjay Gupta?).  

Snyderman said that the light reflected off the water burned his retinas and that situation happens frequently, on the water and on the slopes. 

Cooper said he had no idea that a person could burn their eyeballs from the water’s glare. 

“It’s a reminder that frankly everyone needs sunglasses,” she advised. “Fortunately for you you’re going to be fine, but it’s a real reminder,” she told Cooper.

Anderson said that he’s doing much better now.

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