New poll shows Kaine edging ahead of Allen

Posted at 2:11 PM, May 03, 2012
and last updated 2012-05-03 14:11:50-04

RICHMOND, Va (WTVR) - A new poll finds democratic candidate Tim Kaine inching ahead of Republican George Allen in the race to be Virginia's next U.S. senator.

The Public Policy Polling survey released Wednesday gives Kaine 46 percent of the vote and Allen 45 percent, in nearly a dead heat.

Kaine leads his two other potential republican opponents easily. He leads tea party candidate Jamie Radtke 50-percent to 35-percent , and Bob Marshall 49-percent to 36-percent.

According to a news release, PPP surveyed 680 Virginia voters and 400 Virginia Republican primary voters from April 26-29. PPP is a Democratic polling company.

This senate race is drawing plenty of national attention as Republicans attempt to take  control of the U.S. senate.

A new poll from politico reveals if voting occurred today, Republicans would gain three  senate seats - one shy of a full takeover.