Wythe wins! 42-game losing streak snapped

Posted at 5:07 PM, Sep 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-03 17:07:14-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- The George Wythe Bulldogs snapped a 42-game high school football losing streak Thursday night defeating Caroline High School 8-6.

According to head coach Jimmy Hart, it was also Wythe's first opening game win in more than a decade.

Hart called the win was extra special after the year his players endured during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jimmy Hart
We've had a group of kids get disappointed because the city chose not to play sports. And then it was so late that we had to get started. To then go and do what we did last night. Amazing.

What we had to go through to play that game, from it being postponed to being on at the last second, like literally, probably about 6 p.m. Wednesday being told, 'Hey, you got to go play this game that we thought was gonna be postponed.'

Joy, just so many different emotions.

CBS 6 Sports Sean Robertson
You told me a couple of weeks before, you didn't really harp on the streak to the guys, but you let it be known that it was there. How did they approach the fact that this was there, and they were able to break it?

Jimmy Hart
I did touch on it a little bit. But after the game, when I did notify them that, hey, you guys are the first group in about 15 years, that gets to start the season with the win. You could see the shock on their faces. I was just like, okay, you know, we can keep going.

Sean Robertson

Personally for you. This is your first win as a head coach. When you think about that, how do you reflect on that?

Jimmy Hart
To think about it for being my first one at my alma mater. It was very sobering. I had to take a moment in that minute just to really think about it and think of all the people who come before me.

To start the season off with 1-0, it's a huge boost not just to the team but to the school. You know, we get a group of kids they get to come in after dealing with the pandemic, to come in and say, hey, our team won the game, you know, we're 1-0. That's just going to bring more people.