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'Representation matters,' lieutenant governor candidate Ayala tells Juneteenth crowd

Hala Ayala: 'We have to use our voices to be champions for all Virginians, not just some'
Posted at 10:49 PM, Jun 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-19 23:02:46-04

RICHMOND, Va. -- Virginia voters will elect a new governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general in less than five months on Election Day.

Both parties stumped in metro Richmond Saturday making their case to voters.

Hala Ayala, the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor, joined the local homecare workers union for their Juneteenth homecoming event at the Bon Secours Training Center.

Ayala said Commonwealth's priority should be protecting workers, particularly women of color who she said have been left out of the conversation throughout history.

"We have to use our voices to be champions for all Virginians, not just some,” Ayala told the crowd. “Because just us is not just us -- it's all of us. I think this why this election is so important. Representation matters.”

Joining Ayala on the Democratic ticket is Terry McAuliffe for governor and Mark Herring for attorney general.

The balance of power in Virginia’s House of Delegates, which is currently controlled by Democrats, will also be decided by voters this November.

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