Trump to hold 'Protecting America's Seniors' event at the White House

Trump to hold 'Protecting America's Seniors' event at the White House
Posted at 2:27 PM, Apr 30, 2020

President Donald Trump will appear on camera at a "Protecting America's Seniors" event in the East Room of the White House on Thursday.

The event comes as the White House has dramatically scaled back the number of press conferences Trump has held with his coronavirus task force.

The "Safety for Seniors" event will mark the second time in three days that Trump will have appeared in a public event at the White House without the coronavirus task force. Trump held a presentation about small business stimulus at the White House on Tuesday.

The last time Trump appeared at the podium with the coronavirus task force was on Monday. The task force has held just two press events since last Friday.

For several weeks, Trump appeared on camera daily in the briefing room, along with members coronavirus task force. However, after Trump made comments about injecting humans with disinfectant and putting UV lights inside the body as a means of fighting the coronavirus last Thursday, the White House has limited task force briefings.

Trump has only held one coronavirus task force briefing since he made the comments about disinfectant last week.