#ThankYouHeroes: Mattel honoring essential workers with new line of action figures

Posted at 10:35 AM, Apr 29, 2020

Mattel is honoring those who are risking their health to help others during the coronavirus pandemic with their own line of action figures.

The company's new #ThankYouHeroes collection features action figures in the likeness of a doctor, nurse, EMT, delivery driver and grocery store worker.

The company says it will donate $15 for each action figure sold to #FirstRespondersFirst: A fundraising push that provides "essential supplies, equipment, accommodations, child care, food, mental health support and other resources" to essential workers during the pandemic.

"#ThankYouHeroes is designed to immortalize and honor healthcare and every day heroes, and to drive additional donations to support first responders," Chuck Scothon, the Senior Vice President of Fisher-Price and the Global Head of Infant and Preschool for Mattel said in a statement. "Whether these toys are given as a gift to recognize someone working on the front lines, or used as a tool to help children have conversations about how they are feeling, it is our hope that Fisher-Price toys, and play in general, can ultimately make these difficult times easier for both kids and adults."

In its press release, Mattel also said it has been producing masks and face shields to combat the nationwide shortage brought about by the pandemic. The company added that it is upping its commitment from 100,000 face shields to 500,000.

The action figures will sell for $20 a piece and will be available for pre-order beginning May 31. Mattel hopes to ship the toys by Dec. 31.