Food distributors sell to general public amid COVID-19 pandemic

Posted at 5:27 PM, Apr 13, 2020

These are tough times for businesses that usually deliver dry goods and produce to restaurants.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced distributors to change who their customers are.

At the FoodMaven warehouse in Colorado, the unsold food was going to waste. There are not banquets at hotels and fewer restaurants need food sold in bulk.

So, the company decided to sell online and in-person to the general public.

“We have a drive-up retail at our warehouses, so folks can simply drive right up, place their order, we put it in the back of their car and they’re able to take off,” said Ben Deda, CEO of FoodMaven. “And also, mobile retail.”

Customers save money buying in bulk.

Companies in other communities are selling direct too. You can look up local food distributors in your area.

“This is not an issue of a food shortage,” said Deda. “There is plenty of food in this country. We just have to help to make sure people have access to it.”